Academic Plus Academy

Academic Plus Academy


Teach your children right from wrong, and when they are grown, they will still do right (Proverbs 22:6—CSV)

Academic Plus Academy has created an environment that welcomes families and students, as well as school staff, to become a part of the academic, spiritual, social, emotional and physical enrichment of CHILDREN in our caring school community.

Vision:  Beginning at the early developmental age of children, we will instill in them a love for learning and a recognition of the need for spiritual growth and development.

Mission:  To develop strong minds that will produce strong, effective leaders.

Educational Philosophy: We believe that it is important to include Christian principals in the curriculum that align with scriptures. We further believe that the building blocks for a successful educational experience must have as its foundation a love and care for those we serve.

The Curriculum:  Core subjects inclusive of the Abeka Christian curriculum and the Georgia Standards of Excellence.

Instruction: The world and nature are our classroom. Emphasizes are hands-on, student-centered, family involvement and inquiry-based approaches.