Through the Georgia Standards of Excellence, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)/Caring School Community curriculum, hands on STEM/Project Based Learning(STEM/PBL) activities, Stars School Initiatives students will experience curriculum come alive by connecting learning to real-world issues and needs. Students will be involved in academically rigorous STEM/PBL activities, case studies, projects, fieldwork, and service learning activities. Teachers will ensure that instruction in each academic area is based on Georgia Standards of Excellence. Teachers and students will be in an environment that promotes deep engagement in learning and support students to achieve at high levels and teachers to teach at high levels.  Additionally, the school will be able to quantitatively show the ability to close critical achievement gaps for English Language Learners and for Hispanic, African-American, special education, and low-income students.  Teaching and learning will be active, challenging, meaningful, public, and collaborative.  Teachers will be trained to have a thorough understanding of typical male development and how to structure their teaching to reflect that knowledge, incorporating brain-based research. With the combined efforts of students, parents, teachers, and staff, Star Charter School will close achievement gaps, increase equity, and improve the quality of instruction to ensure success for all students. The Charter School will provide students with a purpose for learning, clarity of the standards, and a reason to strive for excellence.